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Optical Fiber & Cable Materials
Materials used for optical fiber and cable production include: 
1) Primary and secondary coating materials for optical fiber;
2) Coating materials for buffered optical fiber;
3) Coloring inks for optical fiber and cable;
4) Matrix materials for optical fiber ribbon;
5) High- and low-refractive index coating materials for specialty optical fiber.
Electronic Materials
Fine chemicals and materials widely used in the PCB/LED production, IC packaging, and SMT assembling include:
1) Photoimaging and related chemicals; 2) Etching chemicals; 3) PCB solder masks; 4) SMT solder pastes.
UV Curable Materials for Plastic Surface Finishing
PhiChem provides various types of materials for different plastic surface finishing. The materials are widely used in the production of cell phone casing, computer key boards, interior automotive parts, cosmetic packaging, as well as specialty plastic films. We can tailor customer’s special needs and provide a total solution.
Inorganic Materials
PhiChem provides aluminum oxide with a purity of 99.999% (5N) and pellet density close to 3.5g/cm3. It is the ideal material for sapphire single crystal growing.
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Shanghai PhiChem Material Co., Ltd., focusing on developing and manufacturing of specialty chemicals and materials for the Hi-Tech industries, was founded in 2002 with headquarters and R&D center in Baoshan, Shanghai and production facilities in Anqing, Anhui Province and Huizhou, Guangdong Province. The Company also operates sales offices throughout China and many other locations in the United States...
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